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Alrighty, then. Time to give away three books!

First, a big thank you to everyone who visited alphabet soup in April to nosh with us at the Potluck. You polished off every crumb, guzzled every last drop. Aside from a few chocolate smudges on the ceiling, an abandoned casserole, and a slice of Challah insisting he’s French, the kitchen remains relatively unscathed. Did somebody leave behind a pair of aviator goggles?


So, for the announced Poetry Book Giveaway (The Poet’s Cookbook and The Alchemist’s Kitchen), there were 73 unique commenters eligible for the drawing. For Red Sings from Treetops, 16 commenters. I used a random number generator to pick the winners.

And, they are — *drum roll, please* — 


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       "Tea and Toast" cupcake by abbietabbie.

It’s time to raise our cupcakes and offer a special TOAST to all 21 wonderfully talented, brilliant, wild and wooly poets who participated in the first alphabet soup Poetry Potluck!
You brought us family stories, observations of the natural world, so much fun, wit and whimsy, color, spice, sweetness, snow, snark and soup! You took us to Mexico, Brazil, France, and Mansfield, Missouri. We listened, learned from, and loved what you so generously shared. We noshed, sipped, slurped, licked and crunched. We even tasted gingerbread with chocolate frosting dropped from an airplane! As we wipe the last delicious crumbs from our faces, I salute you and bow to you. Thank you, poets, for the beauty and understanding you bring to the world with your lovingly chosen words!


* Wine and appetizers: "The Poets in My Life Meet on the Third Sunday," "A Gourmand’s Prayer"

1. Elaine Magliaro: "Chick Chatter," Almond Gateaux

2. Karen Edmisten: "Sustenance," Atticus’ French Bread

3. Laura Shovan: "An Absolute Vista," Blizzard Soup

4. J. Patrick Lewis: "Hillary Hollery Q. McQatt Introduces the Crew," Sticky-Goo Buns

5. Julie Larios: "Domingo," Tortas Mexicanas

6. Kelly Polark: "The TV Speaks," Bowtie Pasta Salad

7. Sara Lewis Holmes: "Biscuits," Ann’s Angel Biscuits

8. Kristy Dempsey: "Outside Dog at Dinnertime," Brazilian Brigadeiro

9. Charles and Debra Ghigna: "Sleepover," "Slumber Party Surprise," Ghost Bite Cookies

10. Susan Rich: "Chanterelle," Chanterelle and Goat Cheese Pastry Puffs

11. Mary Lee Hahn: "Apple Crisp," Apple Crisp

12. Liz Garton Scanlon: "Sweet," Barley Stuffed Squash

13. Jeannine Atkins: "Not Today," Hermit Cookies

14. Greg Pincus: "Foods That Scare," Grandma’s Chicken Paprikash

15. Douglas Florian: "French Toast," Not-so-French Toast

16. Laura Purdie Salas: "Yum!", Brickle

17. Kelly Fineman: "His Chair," Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

18. Tanita S. Davis: "An Ode to the Lime," Easy Tofu Lime Cheesecake

19. Andromeda Jazmon: "Figs," Homemade Fig Bars

20. Tricia Stohr-Hunt: "A Generous Baker," Raspberry Crescents

21. Joyce Sidman: "Maybe," Blender Mousse

HERE’S TO ALL OF YOU! Toast toast toast toast toast!

 "Miss Toasty Cookies" by mitsel18.

♥ For future reference, a permanent link to this post can be found in this blog’s sidebar under "Bookish Recipes." 

Copyright © 2010 Jama Rattigan of jama rattigan’s alphabet soup. All rights reserved. 

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#23 in the Poetry Potluck Series, celebrating National Poetry Month 2010.

     Joyce and her Small Munsterlander, Watson.

The calendar says, "April 30th," but I can’t believe it.

It’s the final day of National Poetry Month! *sniff sniff*

Time sure flies when you’re busy juggling biscuits and buns, snarfing down candy, cookies, crisp and cake, investigating paprikash, practicing your French and Spanish, balancing on airplanes. Wasn’t it just yesterday I served up the wine and appetizers? 


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