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Okay, this has got to be the cutest book promo idea we’ve seen in a long time. Children’s/YA author Lisa Schroeder is posting “fun with cupcakes” videos on her website every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to the September 20th release of her new middle grade novel, Sprinkles and Secrets, the much awaited sequel to the utterly delicious It’s Raining Cupcakes (which we celebrated here).

Where she got the adorable cupcake costume we’ll never know, but she sure looks cute in it. Check out her antics in the first two videos — and don’t forget to keep checking her website every week for more!




Have a sweet day!! ♥



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Hey, wild thing: grab a vine so we can swing through the jungle! We’ve got the perfect excuse to go totally bananas today, because Lisa Schroeder’s third book this year, Little Chimp’s Big Day (Sterling, 2010), is officially out! 


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Yes, yes, I know we were supposed to be giving away only two copies.

But then it started raining again, and another copy magically appeared!

Everybear was excited to participate in the drawing. Is there a hat in the house?

Why yes, the perfect hat, just like one Isabel’s Grandma might wear:

Cornelius gathered a pile of cupcake wrappers,

then diligently wrote everybody’s name on them in his neatest handwriting (not easy when you have paws):

Then we tossed all the names into the hat.

Now, who would draw the names? (There is always fighting about this.)

Cornelius came up with the perfect solution. Only bears wearing hats could pick a name.

So Betty Sue came from the den,

and Eloise from the foyer,

and finally, Isabelle graced us with her presence, traveling all the way from the Great Room:

Please applaud if you like their hats!

And the winners are:


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Have you entered the It’s Raining Cupcakes giveaway yet?

You still have two days! The deadline for entries is midnight tomorrow (DST), March 16th. Just leave a comment at this post, telling us what your favorite cupcake flavor is, for a chance to win a copy of Lisa Schroeder’s brand new, divinely delicious middle grade novel! This sweet read, which includes two cupcake recipes, is the perfect way to step into Spring!

Have a good week!

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Weather Forecast for alphabet soup and vicinity: Mostly sunny with periods of heavy cupcake rain. Sugar highs astronomical with cheers blowing in from all directions. Frosting and sprinkles overnight north and west of town.

          Available as a 5″x7″ print here.

Grab your umbrellas, everyone — it’s cupcake weather!

I am sooooooo excited that It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder (S&S/Aladdin, 2010) is officially out today! Truly, this middle grade novel has my name written all over it, and I’m here to shout its praises from the highest rooftops.


Will you just look at that cover? *lick lick* Scrumptious and then some. If it’s got you anticipating a deliciously fun, uplifting story that will leave you comforted, inspired, and totally satisfied, you will not be disappointed. Just wait till you begin reading — each chapter is named after a different cupcake flavor: Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes, Banana Cream Pie Cupcakes, Coconut Mango Cupcakes, and my personal favorite, Hawaiian Sky Cupcakes! ☺


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