an apple by any other name . . .

 khsf.jpg apples image by shutupfaggott So, let’s say you’re at a social gathering and you want to impress someone.

Or, maybe you’re in final Jeopardy, and if you can say "apple" in Turkish, you win $1.5 million.

Or better still, your agent sells the foreign rights to your novel, and fans all over the world are clamoring to meet you on your book tour.

You just never know. 

A good writer is always prepared.

A good writer knows how to speak apple. 

How to say "apple" in 19 different languages (sans accent and diacritical marks):

1. pomme (French)

2. manzana (Spanish)

3. apala (Hawaiian)

4. mela (Italian)

5. ringo (Japanese)

6. apfel (German)

7. appel (Dutch)

8. maca (Portuguese)

9. apple (Swedish)

10. alma (Hungarian)

11. appel (African)

12. aeble (Danish)

13. omena (Finnish)

14. eple (Norweigian)

15. tunda la kizungu (Swahili)

16. elma (Turkish)

17. Lub txiv ev paum (Hmong)

18. ping guo (Chinese)

19. sagwa (Korean)

Swahili is my favorite. Do you know of any others?

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