2007 poetry friday archive

1. What’s in a Name? (Kelly Fineman acrostic) by Jama Rattigan

2. The Bones of January by Sara Lewis Holmes

3. Umoja: Each One of Us Counts by Rita Dove

4. Mrs. Caldera’s House of Things by Gregory Djanikian

5. The Diner by Richard Jones

6. Deer: 6:00 a.m. by Sarah Getty

7. The Apple by James Crowden

8. Apples by Laurie Lee

9. After Apple-picking by Robert Frost

10. The Crossed Apple by Louise Bogan

11. The Writer by Richard Wilbur

12. Survey of Literature by John Crowe Ransom

13. Boss of the Food by Lois Ann Yamanaka

14. For I Had But Fifty Cents by Billy Mortimer

15. Kumulipo