thought for the week

                      Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

“The true woman will not be exponent of another, or allow another to be such for her. She will be her own individual
self . . . Stand or fall by her own individual wisdom and strength . . . She will proclaim the ‘glad tidings of good news’ to all women, that woman equally with man was made for her own individual happiness, to develop . . . every talent given to her by God, in the great work of life.”
  ~  Anthony and Stanton (1856)

17 thoughts on “thought for the week

  1. They look like a couple of tough cookies!
    But I wouldn’t mind buying them a round of drinks (if they went for that sort of thing) and have a bit of conversation.


  2. The BEST Tomato Soup!
    I know this great little place that serves the BEST tomato soup! Right here in my blog neighborhood. She…
    Oh. nevermind!


  3. I so love Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She’s one of my favorite reformers. It’s due to her that infants stopped being swaddled, among other things. Thanks for the quote and photo, Jama.


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