oh, did i miss something?


Not to worry, dahling!

Nibble on these to get in on the action:
Kelly at Big A little a is soliciting pieces for the May and June issues of The Edge of the Forest. She is looking for feature articles, reviews and interviews. Zip on over for all the details and read the fabulous March/April issue!
Don’t miss the Melanie Watt Blog Tour! Mountains of morsels for all you Scaredy Squirrel fans. Yesterday, Melanie chatted with Jen Robinson about how the books appeal to different age levels. Scaredy has even taken on a new coolness with teens! In case you missed the posts from earlier this week, here is the full schedule:

Monday, 4/7
Big A, Little a
Featured Topic:  An Interview with Scaredy Squirrel

Tuesday, 4/8
Book Buds
Featured Topic: Scaredy Squirrel past, present and future

Wednesday, 4/9
Jen Robinson’s Book Page
Featured Topic: How the Scaredy stories work at different age levels

Thursday, 4/10  [2 blogs]
Hip Librarians Book Blog   
Featured Topic: Talking with Mélanie Watt about writing

Metrowest News
Featured Topic: Kids’ questions for Scaredy Squirrel

Friday, 4/11
Featured Topic: Mélanie Watt talks about Scaredy Squirrel

It’s time to sign up for Mother Reader’s Third Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge, June 6-8, 2008! Here’s your chance to read read read all the book book books you’ve been wanting to, and review them like crazy. Full details about this once-yearly-wildly-anticipated event here.
Authors and Illustrators for Children, a national non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the world for children, is sponsoring "This I Dream," a series of essays written by prominent children’s book authors and illustrators, who share their hopes, dreams, and wishes for the next generation. Read about Virginia Euwer Wolff’s dreams for education, and George Ella Lyon’s dreams for peace. More essays to follow each month with original art. Essays are free for download to share with teachers, librarians, parents, principals, students and politicians! Posters are available for puchase.(Source: Alice’s CWIM blog.)
Laura Purdie Salas has just posted a ginormous list of online resources for children’s writers. This lavish banquet will keep you chewing for hours on end.   

Ooh la la! Jules and Eisha of 7-Imp fame are guest blogging over at Practically Paradise (School Library Journal). Yesterday, Jules interviewed Eisha, and today, well . . . go over and find out!                                                                                                      
Read these especially appetizing posts, Directions for Writing Recipe and How-to-Make Poems, Parts I & II, over at Wild Rose Reader. Elaine shares some wonderful poems written by her former students. Yes, I’m partial to the recipe format! The results are delightful and satisfying. Leave a comment at any one of Elaine’s poetry posts this month to be entered into weekly poetry book drawings.
And don’t forget the Tea Party right here at alphabet soup all month long! Stop in often for a sip and a bite, post a favorite tea time recipe, or email your recipe to: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot com), and I’ll be happy to post it. Come on, you guys, bring on the grub!


4 thoughts on “oh, did i miss something?

  1. Oh my, I can’t wait to go read the essays. THANK YOU for that link. I just took a peek (and came back to leave a comment), and I’m drooling. Original art and children’s author essays? Awesome.
    Jules, 7-Imp


  2. The Tea Party
    Elaine M.
    Thanks for linking to my recipe and how-to-make poems posts at Wild Rose Reader. I used to enjoy trying out new kinds of poetry-writing exercises with my students when I was teaching in an elementary school.
    In honor of your tea party theme this month, I’ve begun drinking green tea. A tip o’ the teacup to you, my dear!


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