here’s to the best mom!

               Margaret and me, when I found out Paul had married Linda
Isn’t my mom a beauty?

Here are a few things she taught me:

You’re smarter than you think.
Be generous and kind.
Have confidence.
Clint Eastwood is hot.
I have huge feet for a short person.
It’s important to have a nice complexion.
Think positive.
Exercise is critical, no matter what your age (at 83, she bowls and does aerobics).
Be organized and prompt.
You can be anything you want to be, but clean your room first.
There’s nothing more important than family.

                YOU’RE MY FAVORITE MOM! 


8 thoughts on “here’s to the best mom!

  1. Thank You!
    I always thank God for having a daughter like you. I’m proud to be your mom and always wish the best for you and lenny. Wishing you and lenny the best of health and much happiness always. Your dad and I plan to see you sometime this fall.


  2. Okay, that’s the best Mother’s Day post I’ve seen. Lovely. Funny. Perfect advice.
    Jules, 7-Imp (and, yes, she’s beautiful)


  3. Re: Isn’t my mom a beauty?
    Considering the photo is very old (over half a century), I was surprised how clear it turned out after scanning it. The marvels of computer technology! Thanks for the nice words :).


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