2662-mile wok: surprise guests!

                                Jim and Sylvia

What’s most exciting about a potluck?

You never know who’ll pop in and what they’ll bring!

Some of you may remember my half-sister Sylvia, gourmet chef to the stars. For the alphabet soup Cookie Party in December, she shared a couple of red carpet recipes.

Today, Sylvia and her husband Jim have wokked all the way from Bend, Oregon, just to share a favorite stir fry recipe with all of us. Chinese cooking is Sylvia’s specialty, so be sure to give this sumptuous dish a try. Syl is also an accomplished musician who once gave Martin Sheen guitar lessons. Best listen to some favorite tunes during the preparation and consumption of this dish, to make the flavors really sing!


1/4 lb. bay scallops
snow peas, thinly julienned
fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced thin
red bell pepper, thinly julienned
green onion, thinly sliced into long strips

(These are just suggestions for veggies you can use. Be sure to compliment the scallops, both flavor-wise and texture-wise. Also, color should be a consideration. You may substitute chicken slices, shrimp, or even deep fried pieces of fish. If you use the latter, stir fry your veggies first, then add sauce, and then carefully combine the pieces of fish with the rest.)

Seasonings: 1 T finely minced fresh ginger


4 T lemon juice
3 T sugar
2 T chicken stock
1 T light soy
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp lemon zest cut into fine shreds

1. Heat wok or fry pan to high and add about 1 T oil and roll around to cover.

2. Add seafood or meat. Do not be tempted to add more or your ingredient will not seal properly and wil let off too much liquid. If necessary, do it in two batches. Stir fry until your ingredient turns opaque. Remove from heat to a platter.

3. Return wok to high heat. Add 1 T oil and roll to cover. Add seasoning and saute a few seconds.

4. Add veggies and stir fry until al dente. Add sauce. Return meat or seafood to the dish.

5. If you prefer, add small amount of cornstarch mixed with water or chicken broth. Add a little oil to the mix to avoid lumping and add enough broth to make a sauce with a little body, but not too much. Taste and adjust seasonings.

                            THANKS SYL!

11 thoughts on “2662-mile wok: surprise guests!

  1. Oh, my gosh, all that and Sylvia is gorgeous, too.
    Shame on me, I’ve never cooked scallops (my husband is not a fan, so I just haven’t) but I’m going to try this. Do I get to eat the whole thing?


  2. Man, if I could cook scallops without ruining them, I’d so make this. (Okay, I’d leave out the shitake mushrooms, which probably makes me a bad person, but…)
    Does Jim look like Jon Voigt, or is it just me?


  3. Gracious readers
    Hi Jama, Gosh, you have the nicest fellow bloggers! Thanks for the compliments. I am so amused at the comment about Jon Voight, because when he was younger people thought for sure that Jim looked like Jack Lord, of Hawaii 5-0 fame! Just want to say to your readers, don’t let any stir fry dish intimidate you. The ingredients don’t matter as much as the technique and seasonings. The great thing about stir frys is that you can do ALL the prep ahead of time and then just execute the actual dish in minutes before serving. Love, Syl


  4. Re: Gracious readers
    Now that you mention it, Jim DID look like Jack Lord. Let’s face it, you married a looker, and you’re not so bad yourself :)!
    Thanks for the cooking tips!


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