friday feast: underwear

Happy first day of summer!

Today I’m going to snap my elastic and tackle the serious topic of, ahem, underwear.

Out of doo respect, I’ll try to be brief.

Quite frankly, I’ve got my knickers in a twist.

And I just want to do the right thing.

But things have changed. We’ve gone from bloomers to dental floss.


From modest corsets

to blatant double barrels.

How are we supposed to know what to wear where? Remember when it was social suicide to have your slip or bra strap show?

Now underwear is a big fashion statement, and skivvies everywhere are having an identity crisis:

Camis are out of the closet.
Bras are now allowed to play sports.
Boxers and briefs have formed a merger.

It’s always political, isn’t it?

With my glorious undies pushing certain parts up and holding other parts in, I’m beginning to miss the fine art of jiggling. RIP, pantyhose.

Yes, I fear for the very foundation of our society.

Seems I’m not the only one:

Underwear controls everything in the end
Take foundation garments for instance
They are really fascist forms
of underground government
making people believe
something but the truth
telling you what you can or can’t do
Did you ever try to get around a girdle
Perhaps Non-Violent action
is the only answer
Did Gandhi wear a girdle?

(Read the rest of “Underwear,” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, here.)

Friends, now is the time to seriously assess our spandex.

On second thought, never mind . . . .


Better dash on over to Semicolon to see who’s jockeying for the prime time poetry peep.

Unless you’d rather go commando.

P.S. I think you’re top drawer!

20 thoughts on “friday feast: underwear

  1. shall we?
    Find some undies for Uma?

    Undies for Uma
    What do you think?
    Whatever they be
    Should they be pink?
    Should they be sexy?
    Pulp Fiction fare?
    Will they Kill Bill?
    Uma’s underwear


  2. I see you avoided the subject of the edible variety. I wonder what loony thought slipping a Fruit Roll-up around the nethers would be a great idea…


  3. I’m sorry, I can’t get past the first line: IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER? I thought it was almost over.
    Jules, 7-Imp


  4. not so random commenter
    it is so weird that you write about this…I was working on my production of our town last night and thinking about how I would much prefer it is underwear were a little closer to 1900s style…I little more fabric wouldn’t hurt anyone I think :0)


  5. I never thought VPL would be an admirable thing, but Holy Panties! you’ve made undies visible in an absolutely fitting way!
    I admit, undies are vital to my happiness. I found a kind I loooove, and so I mail order them. If they ever stop making them, I shan’t be able to leave the house. 🙂


  6. I’m the same way! Thank god for the internet. I had a college roomie whose mother made her all kinds of fabulous undies (she was an uber seamstress). I wouldn’t mind custom made stuff, either. But in lieu of that . . .


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