my hometown, daily photo three



Fairfax Corner is a relatively new shopping complex about five minutes from home. A good place to grab a bite to eat, see a movie, or just hang. It’s built around a town square, with user friendly sidewalks and nice open space. I like it better than going to any of the big malls. 

Having lived in this area for over 25 years, I’ve programmed myself to stay off the roads during rush hour and to dine at off-peak hours (I’m thankful that as a writer I have this option). I told you it was crowded around here!
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13 thoughts on “my hometown, daily photo three

  1. Funky little downtown
    …looks like it might be fun to WALK around there. The left side of this photo is choked with cars — that doesn’t look like fun at all.


  2. Virginia still has some beautiful unspoiled areas — lots of green. Northern Virginia’s population is very diverse (many are employed at high tech companies around the Beltway, or by the government in D.C.) — to find true Virginia natives you have to go further south. I’m always struck by the Southern accent that emerges the further down I-95 I go!


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