what an honor!


A few days ago, Janet (formerly known as writer2b) from Findings, awarded alphabet soup the Arte y Pico, which is loosely translated as "Wow! The Best Art. Over the Top!" The award is presented to blogs displaying "creativity and interesting content, which contributes to the blogging community, in any language."

Janet said, "jama rattigan’s alphabet soup is another Poetry Friday acquaintance. She’s a writer of children’s books, a student of music and poetry, and her posts open my eyes to new artists and previously unnoticed features of old favorites."

I am genuinely touched. Thanks so much for the honor, Janet!!


17 thoughts on “what an honor!

  1. You’re very welcome! 🙂 I was a bit dubious on passing on the obligations, but enjoyed having a chance to think of some of my favorite artist bloggers.
    Can’t wait to try the cream cheese blueberry pie in your B-berries for Sal post!


  2. Thanks, Jeannine! Did you see my post the other day about my seeing your book? It was like running into an old friend. I’m looking forward to reading it :), and your next one, of course.


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