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This is for you, Fuse 8!


Today, Cheryl Rainfield, Cynthia Lord, and Fuse 8 all mentioned’s Vote for the Oddest Book Title of the Last 30 Years Poll. Fascinating, funny, and strange (I am a purveyor of the strange).

Anyway, Bizarre Books by Russell Ash and Brian Lake has lots more to inspire those of you looking for just the right title for your next book. 

A few more titles that didn’t make the Oddest Book Title Poll (my faves highlighted):

The Unconscious Significance of Hair (George Berg, 1951)

How to Boil Water in a Paper Bag (Anon, 1891)

Teach Yourself Alcoholism (Meier Glatt, 1975)

How to Become a Schizophrenic (John Modrow, 1992)

Nuclear War: What’s in it for You? (Ground Zero War Foundation, 1982)

A Pictorial Book of Tongue Coating (Anon, 1981)

Fish Who Answer the Telephone (YP Frolov, 1937)

The Thermodynamics of Pizza (Harold J. Morowitz, 1991)

Who’s Who in Barbed Wire (Anon, 1970)

Hand Grenade Throwing as a College Sport (Lewis Omer, 1918)

~ from The Literary Companion by Emma Jones (Robson Books, 2004)

10 thoughts on “more odd book titles

  1. Magnificent
    I mentioned the two I particularly liked on my blog, but now that I look at the list again I think that “The Unconscious Significance of Hair” may well and truly be the best. Thanks!
    -Fuse #8


  2. Re: Magnificent
    Glad you found something to your liking. I seem to be particularly drawn to titles featuring body parts — hence the tongue coating and hair . . .


  3. My favourite ridiculous title from the book publisher where I used to work:
    Animal Husbandry: The Meeting Of Cow and Grass
    I couldn’t type that without giggling.


  4. A couple more
    I remember my mom giving my younger brother a booked titled How to Be Your Own Selfish Pig.
    Also, when I taught at an international school in Mozambique, the library had this vintage book for middle grade readers: Algae and Our Future.


  5. I admit it–I’m a serial snorter. But in my current reading local, snorting would SO not be appreciated. So instead I’m snurfling to the brink of hyperventilation. TEACH YOURSELF ALCOHOLISM? This, ma’am, is comic GENIUS.


  6. Sorry to hear your snorting is presently being stifled, but of course, we welcome snurfling as a suitable substitute!
    BTW, please return and SNORT when you are able.


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