just the bear essentials

                            Time to play!

As of tomorrow, alphabet soup will be on Blog Vacation!!

It’s time to turn off the stove, put the dishes away, and take a little break.

What will I be doing?

               Well, a little pampering wouldn’t hurt.

Then, I’m going to bask in some fresh air, enjoy nature,

               re-acquaint myself with the classics,

                      and generally, just hang.

Part of the time, I’ll be flying up to this place,


where I’ll be the only Asian,

among my husband’s family of leprechauns.

But I’m going there for a very special reason:

           Ashley and Brad are getting married! WooHoo!

So there you have it. You can see I have lots to keep me busy.

            The bears will be in charge while I’m gone.

And if I ever run out of things to do, I can always become one of these:

Thanks for coming to the Teddy Bear and Friends Picnic! If you missed any of the fur-lined posts during July and August, you can catch up here.

Enjoy the last days of summer, everyone, and I’ll see you right after Labor Day!

Please miss me.      

**All bears are available for purchase at characterbears.co.uk!

31 thoughts on “just the bear essentials

  1. Thanks again for the Teddy Bear and Friends Picnic — it was such a delicious summer diversion! See you after Labor Day. ‘Til then, I hope you and yours enjoy a bear-y nice reunion and wedding!


  2. Thanks for asking. It’s been a fiasco. I searched for months, finally found a nice flowery tea-length dress (thought it was perfect for a “summer wedding”), then found out just two weeks ago that it was going to be a very formal affair, reception in a fancy ballroom, with ladies in long dresses. Ack! Panic!
    I then decided not to go!
    BUT . . . my DH felt sorry for me (knowing how I struggled to find something), went to Nordstrom’s, found 3 choices with the help of a salesperson, brought it home, and one of them miraculously fit! I’ll probably never wear it again, but it’ll do for this one occasion.
    BTW, is your photobucket issue fixed?


  3. Heh. I would have just worn the summery dress with nice jewellery. When I had to go to my niece’s Bat Mitzvah and didn’t have anything formal to wear–the invitation said “Black Tie Only”–I wore a dressy pant suit. M wore a suit; he didn’t have a tux and wasn’t going to buy one. Nobody threw us out.
    No. I’m waiting for a convenient time for the busy Mr. Computer Guru to come in and fix my computer.


  4. A well-deserved vacation, I’m sure!
    A wedding? FUN! Have a lovely time and we’ll watch over the bears while you’re gone! And yes…do pamper yourself some!


  5. Your planned vacation sounds great! *envious* Happy blog vacation! Of course we will miss you. :o(


  6. “The bears will be in charge while I’m gone.”
    Yeah, we hear they’ve already booked the band for a big bash. Hope it’s cleaned up before you’re back!
    Have a great vacation!


  7. I’ll miss you. Have a great time!
    (My 4-yo is looking over my shoulder, and she LOVES the bears!)
    🙂 Janet


  8. Enjoy your break, and have fun at the wedding. I promise I haven’t forgotten about our co-interview. I need to email her!!
    Have fun!
    Jules, 7-Imp


  9. Blog Vacation
    I was away in Maine last week and had my own blog vacation. You came to New England at just the right time. The rainy, gray, damp days are in the past and the sunny, dry weather has returned. I hope you have a grand time in New Hampshire!


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