soup of the day: princess peepers by pam calvert and tuesday mourning


   Don your tiaras and sparkly specs!

It’s time to take a look at a brand new picture book, officially out today, by the one and only Pam Calvert!

                         PRINCESS PEEPERS by Pam Calvert,
                               pictures by Tuesday Mourning
                               (Marshall Cavendish, 2008), ages 4-8, 40 pp.

This quirky story is about a princess who loves her many pairs of funky eyeglasses, until she attends the Royal Academy, and her classmates make fun of her. What to do? Go without them, of course.

Um, right. This sounds like a catastrophe waiting to happen, especially since said princess is very determined to attend the ball to dance with the prince. Oh, what we girls will do in the name of acceptance!

Based on Pam’s real-life experiences of not wearing her glasses when she should, Princess Peepers is sure to tickle your royal funny bone. It has already received a rave review from Kirkus, which calls the story, "rollicking good fun," emphasizing that, "While the ensuing mishaps are appropriately silly and light-hearted, they do not conceal the compelling message that being true to one’s self paves the road to happiness." The whimsical mixed-media illustrations by Tuesday Mourning add to the hilarity, and the glittery cover will surely please your favorite royalite.

Now, even if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, grab the shiniest one you can find, and slurp your congratulations to Pam. And then, trot on over to your nearest brick and mortar castle, or order Princess Peepers from your favorite online bookseller.

All hail Princess Pam!

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For more about Pam and her books, visit her website and blog!

                                 See you tomorrow!

**Interior spread from Princess Peepers posted by permission, copyright © 2008 Tuesday Mourning, published by Marshall Cavendish. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “soup of the day: princess peepers by pam calvert and tuesday mourning

  1. Thanks for the welcome back! The wedding was fun (will post some photos later) — apparently NH had a crummy summer — rainy and cool, but the wedding weekend was sunny!
    Pam’s book is perfect for my gift list (Christmas is coming)!! Oh, sorry . . .


  2. Thanks, Lisa — I found the pink glasses in a party store and couldn’t resist — they just happen to fit me and have 100% UV protection :). The company who makes them is “Dr. Peepers,” too !


  3. LOVE that beautiful, glittery crown. Thanks, Pam, and best of luck with your new book!!!
    P.S. Thanks for the ARC offer, but I’m all set. A couple of munchkins will be getting your book for Christmas :)!


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