a big bowl of goodness: No Mush Today by Sally Derby and Nicole Tadgell


For breakfast this fine Monday morning, we’ve got mush!

Just released this month by Lee and Low, No Mush Today, by Sally Derby, will provide a satisfying meal for picture book fans needing some familial reassurance.

Nonie is fed up with her bowl of cornmeal mush and her baby brother’s crying. Why not go live with Grandma?

After all, Grandma “attends” when Nonie speaks, and calls her “Sweet Pea.” They head out to grown-up church, where neighbors greet them along the way. Once there, Nonie’s daddy winks at her, trying to make her smile.

But Nonie’s having none of that, and later grumps that no one told her there was going to be a church picnic. Grandma calls her along, saying, “We’ll all go together.”

After a delicious lunch of fried chicken, three kinds of cake, and lemonade, Daddy finally convinces Nonie to go on a boat ride. He shows her some wonderful things, including a family of ducks. “Ducklings stick with their families,” he reminds her.

After a lovely afternoon, they head back home, where Momma’s waiting at the gate, and Nonie’s brother is smiling and reaching out for her. By then, Nonie realizes she has missed her family, and maybe being with them isn’t so bad after all. She’ll come back under one condition — no more mush!

Written in spare text that conveys believable, child-centric emotion with a splash of Southern dialect, No Mush Today is beautifully illustrated in soft watercolors by Nicole Tadgell. Tadgell expands the narrative by creating a context of loving communion, a small town backdrop of good folk and simple pleasures. The warmth of family radiates in spreads showing neighbors and church friends greeting each other with big smiles and hugs. And then there’s Nonie’s toy duck, which young eyes will follow with great interest.

When it isn’t clutched tightly in her hand, it’s sitting on the table or peeking out of her pocket, a constant companion for a child missing the attention of her parents. At the end of the story, Nonie hands the duck over to her little brother, a sweet gesture that shows her heart has opened up a little to sharing her parents with a sibling. Just as her daddy said at the park, “Lots to learn from ducks.”

The yellow endpapers, Nonie’s yellow hair ribbons, and of course, the yellow toy duck, visually complement the bowl of cornmeal mush. Take your time with this book in order to fully appreciate its riches. The children you share it with will likely say, “More mush today!”

No Mush Today has received glowing reviews from Kirkus, School Library Journal, Rutgers, and Booklist, which you can read at the Lee and Low website.

Check out these cool photos showing how the artwork was done at Sally Derby’s website.

And drop by Nicole Tadgell’s blog. It’s the friendly thing to do!

*Interior spreads posted by permission, copyright © 2008 Nicole Tadgell, published by Lee and Low Books, Inc. All rights reserved.

13 thoughts on “a big bowl of goodness: No Mush Today by Sally Derby and Nicole Tadgell

  1. WOW!
    The illustrations here are gorgeous. I really like the premise of the PB, too. I might have to pick up a copy for myself. I must say, though, that I’m a HUGE fan of cornmeal mush!!


  2. Excellent! I’m hoping I can line up Nicole for a Sunday feature. The book looks good. Thanks for this.


  3. Re: WOW!
    I’ve never had cornmeal mush. When we were growing up, the term “mush” referred to any hot cereal. I remember hating Cream of Wheat, so I related to Nonie’s frustration well. Now, of course, I love my mush.


  4. Crushing on cornmeal musch
    If you love mush, you must pick up a box of corn meal today and make a bowlful for breakfast tomorrow. Seriously. It takes a skosh longer to make, but I think it’s amazing. In the same way that people like to modify grits for their own preferences (another post perhaps?), people eat corn meal mush differently. Some people add butter and salt. Others add a little cream and/or sugar. I like to eat it with a little Splenda sprinkled on top. It’s all good.


  5. 2009 NESCBWI Conference
    Nicole’s beautiful images will adorn our conference materials in 2009. New England members will be sent a postcard welcoming them to register ONLINE for the first time this year in January.


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