we have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my interview with Maha Addasi last week. Loved all your great comments!

Yesterday morning, we decided to pick the winner of our book giveaway while we were having breakfast.

Some of the kitchen help busied themselves raiding the tea cupboard.


But good old Breakfast Bear started out his day reading
The White Nights of Ramadan. For the 53rd time.


Since he’s such a big fan of Maha’s book, it seemed logical that he should pick the winner. So, we wrote everyone’s names on pieces of blue paper, and tossed them into his cereal bowl.


He loved all the names, he really did. He even wanted to eat them. So we had to compromise. If he picked one name, he would be allowed to make something yummy with it.

First, he gazed into the magic toaster.


Then, he played with some red raspberry jam (his favorite).


He worked for over an hour creating his masterpiece. When he was finally done, he wanted to eat it right away. But I convinced him to hold off awhile so I could show you what he made.


Here’s the special breakfast treat he made with the winning name!

Congratulations, Melodye  !!

Please email your snail mail address, with info about how you’d like the book personalized.

And thanks again to all of you who entered the drawing!


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