test your columbus IQ!

Happy Columbus Day!!

Find out how much you know about the voyages and the man by taking this quiz (my score was terrible).

Have a productive week!

12 thoughts on “test your columbus IQ!

  1. Jama, What a honeybun you are to have nominated my book for CYBILS. I’m pleased as punch!
    Um…I had planned a whole comment filled with food puns, but I’m tired, just got home from a cooking class no less, and my brain is scrambled (close, right?).
    Anyway, thank you so much! I struggled with this book, but I’m so glad to know it really entertained you!


  2. You’re welcome, Laura. I love being called a honeybun! I did already tell you how much I liked it, and I meant it. I’d been disappointed by some previous food poetry books for children in the past, so was thrilled when someone finally wrote something worthwhile. Yay for lettuce!


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