look who rolled into town!

Earlier this week, Len and I headed over to Tysons Corner Mall in McLean, Virginia.

Laurie Halse Anderson was in town, promoting Chains (Simon & Schuster, 2008), which was recently named a National Book Awards Finalist!


She gave a little talk before her signing, condensing 35 years of her life in 30 minutes, touching on her writing process and inspiration for both her Young Adult and historical fiction novels. Then she graciously answered questions and basically wowed everyone with her enthusiasm, energy, and deep, deep commitment to telling our nation’s story, and opening up a dialogue about difficult or painful topics.

It was pretty surreal to meet someone in person whom you only "know" online. Laurie was only the second writer/blogger I’ve actually seen in the flesh (Sara Lewis Holmes was the first). Way cool!

   Hopelessly out-of-focus shot compliments of Len.

Check out Laurie’s tour schedule to see if she’ll be rolling into a town near you, and don’t forget to read Chains!

8 thoughts on “look who rolled into town!

  1. It was one of those things where you’ve admired someone for awhile, and then you’re a little afraid that when you finally meet them you’ll be disappointed somehow. Not the case at all! The minute she walked into the store, you could feel her warmth and “realness.” She’s so down-to-earth and approachable, and very generous with her advice.


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