this is how you learn your abcs

#2 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Attention all word nerds, abecedarians, readers and writers who dwell on the cutting edge of fashion!

Not too long ago, I attended my first DC Kidlit Book Club meeting, and spotted this prime example of alphabetica:


It adorned the letter savvy and way cool kidlit blogger, Pam Coughlan, aka, MotherReader! (Okay, the photo above is not MotherReader, but you can see her wearing the scarf in the first picture, where she is standing next to me.)


It’s made of durable microsuede, comes in white, black, and grey, and just happens to be hand washable. It’s definitely the most literate way to top off any outfit. Want one? (There’s a lower case scarf, too!)

Stay tuned for more in my ongoing series of posts for, by, and about the alphabet — and if you know of, or ever come across, any form of alphabetica, bring it on! This would include cool alphabet books, clothing, online articles, stories, videos, songs, food, art, etc. I’d love to post it here (with full credit going to you, of course)!

Thanks, and have an ABC (already been chewed) kinda day!   

Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade just for you with love and an upper case fixation.

12 thoughts on “this is how you learn your abcs

  1. I’m not sure I could bring myself to shell out $58 for a scarf, but it IS very very cool. If not for the price, I’d definitely be getting the number scarf for an astrophysicist friend of mine. 😀

    I love all the things you come across!


  2. I must have that scarf!! It is a little pricy for me, so I’ll have to really think about what color I would want…

    We will be moving soon, and I just ordered one of these prints spelling out our name to use in whatever home we’ll be moving to. We also used to have this poster on our wall, until it got damaged.

    We decorated my second son’s room as a baby in an alphabet theme, with an alphabet quilt on the wall, “Alphabet Pooh” bedding, two different alphabet switchplates, an “Alphabet Soup” poster, etc. Every night before bed we’d go over the letters on his hanging quilt with him, which he loved. My first son also had the Alphabet Pooh bedding and an alphabet wallpaper border…we swore he learned his alphabet early (21 months!) mainly because he was so enamored of staring at the letters on his sheets and crib bumper early on. My third son hasn’t had that same alphabet emphasis and doesn’t know his letters yet, but I did just buy him an alphabet poster recently!

    I also have a watch similar to this, though it wouldn’t stay together–the pieces kept coming unlinked and falling apart. I’ve been wanting some Scrabble tile jewelry I saw online, also. I was such a letter geek as a child, I loved to go to the print shop or university bookstore and buy individual sheets of rub-off letters in different typefaces and just make signs & stuff with the letters.

    Also, my oldest son made this Lego alphabet when he was 6. Just recently, at 10, he made a number and math set.


  3. It is pricey, but suitable for year round wear (that’s how I justify it). Not one of those wool jobs, that you can only wear during winter. 🙂 The numbers scarf is pretty cool, too.


  4. Wow, another letter geek! That typewriter and scrabble jewelry is way cool. And your sons definitely seemed to have benefitted from their alphabet themed rooms. In our old house, I stenciled an alphabet border in the hallway. I used to gaze at it and think, “with just those 26 letters — all the plays of Shakespeare were written, as well as the Bible.” 🙂

    I don’t envy your moving. Lots of work. Good luck!! And thanks for sharing all your alphabetica!


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