soup of the day: waiting to score by j.e. macleod


*and the crowd roars*

Tap your hockey sticks together and scream out, "Hip Hip Hooray," for debut novelist J.E. MacLeod, a.k.a.,  , on the official release today of Waiting to Score (WestSide Books, 2009)!

      WAITING TO SCORE by J.E. MacLeod (WestSide Books, 2009),
      Young Adult, 200 pages.

February has been a kickin’ month here for new releases, especially by first-time authors. My kitchen helpers and I have been busy busy busy preparing bowls of, big kettles of, a virtual flood of alphabet soup. Yep, we’ve been drowning in the stuff, but couldn’t be happier to get in on the excitement of freshly baked, intriguing, awesome new stories — probably the best reason in the world to dish it up!


Waiting to Score is an edgy, realistic young adult novel about a good looking, smart, quirky, book-loving, talented hockey player, Zack Chase. His mom hopes he will make the pros like his late dad, but Zack’s not so sure. As the new kid in town, he must cope with Mac, the obnoxious team captain, sore losers, other people’s drinking problems, and the consequences of trying to score with too many girls.

He understandably begins to focus less on hockey, as he is distracted by Jane, the alluring Goth-girl who’s caught his eye, sultry Mona, who’s chasing him, and his best friend, Sheila, whose curves make him sweat. On and off the ice, fifteen-year-old Zack must figure out what he wants, as he ultimately finds out the hard way that people have secrets and burdens all their own, and some actions have tragic, far-reaching consequences. Sounds like we’re in for some fast moving action as we see how Zack’s character is tested time and again.

Janet, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, drew some of her inspiration for the book from her two brothers, who played hockey, and her father, who coached the game. She is especially thrilled to have the distinction of being on the inaugural list of WestSide Books, a new company publishing novels that examine the real issues, problems, and situations that teenagers contend with every day.

Oh boy! Now it’s time to:


We’ve prepared a nice bowl of zesty soup, perfect to warm you up when you’ve come off the ice. Dip deep, slurp hearty, and help me congratulate Janet on her first novel. We’re proud of you, J.E., — you’ve scored a major goal, and are on your way to many more winning seasons!

Today’s Special: Goalie Gumbo (perfect for bringing out your puckish personality)

If you’ve been good and managed to stay out of the penalty box, you may have a big, fat hockey stick cookie for dessert:

Don’t forget to skate on over to your nearest indie or fave online bookseller to get your copy of Waiting to Score!

For more about J.E. MacLeod, visit her website and blogs (she’s on Blogger and Live Journal).

For a lovely interview over at Author 2 Author, where Janet reveals why she chose a pen name and what she plans to do to celebrate her launch today, click here.

She’s also doing a whirlwind blog tour; the first stop was a fun Authorial Intrusion with Live Journal’s L.K. Madigan.

Team Janet mascots thank you for slurping with us today!
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                                GO JANET, GO!!

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