library love is the best love!

Hip Hip Hooray!!

I reached my goal of 100 comments in the Bloggers Library Loving Challenge!

Actually, I topped out at 114 warm, beautiful, generous, lovely, inspiring comments. I gave out a lot of chocolate cupcakes and had a lot of fun checking my totals throughout the day yesterday. I must admit, early yesterday morning I still needed about 25 more comments, and I had some wee doubts. After all, many folks were on spring break or out enjoying weekend activities, rather than reading blogs.

A few comments began trickling in — even more after Susan Taylor Brown sent out a call for help on a Facebook update, specifically stating that I was close to my goal and needed a little boost. By early evening I was 8 comments away, and by 9 p.m. (EST), only about 4 comments away! Ah the suspense!! WOULD I MAKE IT?

Then the magic of internet linkage kicked in, as others posted on forums, twittered, or nudged friends via their blogs. When I went to bed at 11 p.m., I had 107 comments. Yay!! This morning, I had 114, which translates into $114 for my library!

Huge thanks to everyone who commented. It was heartening reading about how much the library has meant to you over the years. Thanks to everyone who touted the challenge via their social networks, who hosted challenges on their blogs, or who made flat-fee donations. Thanks especially to Susan for all her hard work in spreading the word, and *drum roll please* THANKS MOST OF ALL to Jennifer R. Hubbard, the mastermind behind this effort, our fearless leader. 

Raising money for libraries is important, but equally as important is raising consciousness about its significance in our lives. The public library is one of the most precious free resources we have in our communities. It’s there for us, but we have to share the responsibility for taking care of it. 

Be sure to check in with Jennifer for additional updates and final recaps. Some bloggers are still accepting comments, with deadlines extending through April 1st or beyond. Susan Taylor Brown is very close to her goal cap, and will be accepting comments through noon today, March 29th. Keep spreading the love, and visit your library today!!

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