thankful thursday

photo by Julia Silge

Today I’d like to share a few of the many wonderful comments I received for the Bloggers Library Loving Challenge last week. I really enjoyed reading your personal reasons for loving the library, and am happy to report that because of your support, yesterday I was able to send off a check for $114 to my local library!

My special library was the one in the elementary school where I was a teacher for many years. We had an outstanding librarian who taught me so much about children’s literature. I spent many hours in the library looking for resources and for recommendations of books to use in my classroom–which was literature-based.

Later, I became the librarian in charge of this wonderful "room of books" in the center of my school. It was the perfect job for me! It was like I had died and gone to heaven. I loved sharing books with children of many different ages and working with teachers to help them bring all genres of literature to their students. And I loved doing book selections and adding wonderful new literary resources to the library collection.

Up with school libraries and school librarians!!! (Elaine)

I love libraries. I have always loved libraries. I will always love libraries. (Barbara B.)

I am on a first-name basis with people in the children’s department at our library, and take my grandchildren every opportunity I get, so I share your love of libraries, too. (Judy)

Libraries should never be allowed to go by the wayside!! My early remembrances in Calif. were the summer reading program where we collected paper leaves to cover the paper tree in the children’s section, reading Snip, Snap & Snur and the books about the Norwegian trolls, then graduating to juvenile mysteries by Mary Stewart & Phyllis A. Whitney and finding out that they also wrote adult mysteries. A magical place! (Anonymous)

Magazines, mysteries, the latest CDs…
Newspapers, internet and DVDs.
Storytimes, crafts, magicians and mimes,
Super fun games, and lots of good times.
Term papers, homework…they’re not really hard
when you use your hometown library card.
Well, you get what I mean…absolutely the best "bang for your buck" these days. (Anonymous)

I loved my first library — the one with wheels that came and parked at the end of my street. That started me on a lifelong love affair with the smell — dry, sweet, subtle — of old books. Lovely. (Tanita)

We visited the library every week as a child and I proudly presented my dogeared card to take out the maximum number allowed. Now, libraries provide lifeblood to my work and serenity in the chaos of frenetic lifestyles. Libraries on line make it easier to reach vast quantities of sources across the world. (Anonymous)

Libraries = a second home. No matter where my family moved, I always found my way to the library no matter what state or what country. My 7th grade "career" project was about becoming a librarian. (Bookmoot)

Thanks again, everyone!


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  1. I love that photo. I can just feel the old wood. When we first bought our house, the library in town still had card catalogs. I kinda miss them!


  2. I really miss the old wooden card catalogs — thumbing through the well-worn cards — the whole tactile experience of each card representing one book. Sigh.


  3. Thanks and congratulations, Jama!

    I’m still waiting for some final data before I do my wrap-up post–but to give you a sneak peek, I think we will get the chance to do this challenge again!


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