we have a winner!


Thanks to all the good-lookin’ folks who entered our recent WOMAN IN THE MOON giveaway!

The brave and intrepid Cornelius diligently wrote all the names on scraps of paper, then tossed them into the lauhala gift box he received from Hawai’i.

Of course everybear in the kitchen wanted to be the one to pick the winner — but wise Cornelius decided to call in a couple of ringers. He therefore summoned Buster and Betty Sue from the TV room to do the honors.

Betty Sue shook the box this way and that, then Buster pulled out a name.

And the winner is:


Please send your snail mail address to: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot com).

Mahalo to everyone who stopped by and commented on Carla’s interview.

Here’s some haupia (coconut pudding) to brighten up your weekend!

8 thoughts on “we have a winner!

  1. Ha ha! That’s a good one. I’m flattered that you think I’m capable of such a thing.
    I’ve only had it in restaurants. 🙂
    Frankly, I love coconut anything!


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