here, there, and everywhere

Dear Paul,

Today’s a very special day, and I’ve been looking  for you everywhere.

Are you visiting your childhood home at 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool, where some of the early Beatles tunes were composed?
           photo by Keith 2006.

Maybe you’re checking out a Dylan record with John,

from dag’s photostream.

polishing your Rolls Royce,


muscling up on the beach,

playing peek-a-boo,

brushing your teeth (yes, you’ve got a lovely smile),

or campaigning for PETA:

from cris_siq’s photostream.

You could be hanging out with your pal, Willem de Kooning, and talking about art (love your flip flops!):

Photo source and more about Paul’s art here.

Hey, maybe you’re trying to ring me up right now!

“What’s that? You’re not sure whether to order the soup, like John and George? Soup is good food. Go for it!”

Okay, I’m granting you three wishes today:

photo by Rob J. Brooks.

a cuddle with your best girl,

from mona.ojvin’s photostream.

a swingin’ night out with your mates,

and inspiration for your next album.

Oh, and I was just fooling. I do know where you are. In my mind’s eye, you’ll forever be on the Ed Sullivan Show with the best rock ‘n roll band in the history of the world. Music has never been the same since.

from Sebastian Matus’ photostream.

Happy 67th Birthday, Paul. Aw, come on, be a good boy and say, “Cheese!”

♥ Your biggest fan,
jama mccartney rattigan


I do love a man who brushes after every meal.

♥ Check out these cool videos: Paul chatting with the ladies of “The View,” (wee harmonica is adorable), Part 1, Part 2, Part 3; and a 1974 studio rehearsal of “Maybe I’m Amazed,” Paul’s personal fave of all the songs he’s written. Oh, and click here to find out what his favorite meal is!

*Unless otherwise noted, all Paul pics from Beatlesgirl7’s photostream.

13 thoughts on “here, there, and everywhere

  1. Jama and Paul sitting in….

    the tree….


    an English garden, sipping tea (or wine)….

    Great post. GREAT PICS!

    and GREAT day to you both!


  2. How could you do this to me, Jama? I’m still using writing time to listen (and look at) Jakob Dylan sing Will it Grow for the hundredth time, and now I have Paul videos?? 😉


  3. If you haven’t seen the View interview, you must! Paul is adorable!! Tiny harmonica story is the best. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is finding it hard to concentrate on writing with hotties like Jakob and Paul hanging around. 😉


  4. Tanita Says 🙂

    I love, love, love, love, LOVE the Beatles, but my Paul lurve is slightly diluted by Davy Jones…


  5. I just have a vision of you with a binder, writing “Mrs. Jama McCartney” with lots of hearts. This is the sweetest post! Thanks for sharing all the pics. 🙂


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