happy father’s day!

You know the old saying, "You are what you eat"?

This is my dad, James:

He’s nuts about nuts,

photo by Sunshine Hanan.

is ready to dive into a plate of fresh sashimi at any time of the day,

photo by mollyeh11.

is quazy about a soft bun with Peking Duck and plum sauce,

photo by janx2o

is loco for anything coconut,

photo by mangilao30.

won’t eat dairy, but devours egg custard tarts,

photo by chotda

can’t pass up a dish of rocky road ice cream,

photo by bonnipink.

and can always find room for his all-time fave dessert, lemon meringue pie:

photo by SimpleFood.

Actually, that’s just for starters.

He eats at least once every three hours, and as soon as he’s finished a meal, he’s busy planning what to eat next. At age 94, he’s a certified expert in this area. You can see why I like him. ☺ And he just happens to be the best dad ever!

To James and all the other dads out there,

             Hope your Sunday is decidedly delicious!!

♥ BTW, What are your dads’ favorite foods?

*Father’s Day card by Sarah Vazquez, Living a Creative Life.


10 thoughts on “happy father’s day!

  1. Happy Father’s Day

    Dear daughter:

    Thank you for all the goodies here and the ones you sent. When you came into our lives, it was the BEST FATHER’S Day gift ever! Mahalo! and stay healthy!




  2. Elaine M.

    Like your father, I’m always thinking about food too! I hope you dad has a great day.

    Both my husband and I love Peking duck–and lemon meringue pie. In fact, we were going to celebrate Father’s Day with my daughter and her fiance at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant today–and eat our fill of Peking duck and sushi. Unfortunately, my daughter caught a stomach bug–so we’ll postpone the celebration till next week.

    I’ve never had Peking duck in soft buns. It looks so delicious.


  3. Sorry to hear your daughter isn’t feeling well today, Elaine. Hope she’s up to celebrating next week. Peking Duck and sushi sounds like a great combination. I do love those soft buns. I’ve only had them at special 7 or 9 course dinners, though. Happy Father’s Day to your DH :).


  4. That was a lovely tribute. 🙂 Although it must not be *entirely* true about not eating dairy – not if he loves Rocky Road ice cream! 😀 Also, those soft buns w/ duck and plum sauce look YUM! At age 94 he must be doing something right, so here’s hoping he continues doing it for many years to come.


  5. So, you’re a coconut lover, too!! 🙂

    He’s very weird about the dairy thing. Totally eschews milk, cream, and especially butter — yet, he likes certain ice cream flavors and pecan pie, which is full of butter. We tease him sometimes, because it’s all psychological (he doesn’t have lactose intolerance or allergies). Of course, at the root of this non-dairy thing is the story of him eating an entire block of butter when he was a boy. He got very sick, and ever since then . . .


  6. He likes to say he doesn’t like dairy, when in fact, he does like certain things that definitely contain dairy. He makes an exception for rocky road, and custard tarts/pie. And, if he doesn’t know something has dairy in it, he usually likes it :). Makes for good conversation, anyway.


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