an eye on carrie

Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of Little House episodes in preparation for my interview with Sidney Greenbush. Though I’ve seen most of them before, this time around I’ve been keeping a careful eye on Carrie. There are a lot of charming scenes of her at the table, or mimicking grown-ups. And have you ever noticed the twins’ big, beautiful blue eyes?

I’m having fun trying to see if I can tell the twins apart. As they got a little older, Sidney is recognizable by a space between her front teeth. Their facial expressions are a little different, too. Lindsay’s face is longer, more angular, Sidney’s rounder and fuller.

I watched an interview with Alison Arngrim (who played Nellie Oleson) last night. Like me, she always wondered why Carrie was treated as "Baby Carrie," even when she was 10 or 11. She definitely should have gotten more speaking parts as one of Laura’s siblings, and more storylines written for her.

Thought you might like to watch the beginning of the only episode that features both twins, "The Godsister." Apparently, this is the only time they argued over who would play which scenes. Both wanted to be Elissa, Carrie’s imaginary friend, so in the end, they shared both roles. "The Godsister" is Sidney’s favorite episode. I’m embedding Part One, so you can see her famous opening sequence, and Part Two, which shows Carrie meeting Elissa for the first time. The rest of the episode is on YouTube (7 parts total).

8 thoughts on “an eye on carrie

  1. Nellie! When I was little, my brother used to call me “Nellie” when he was trying to tease me or make me mad.

    I’ll never forget the episode in which she was pretending to need a wheelchair and Laura pushed her down a big hill.



  2. I read ‘house in the big woods’ first, and it was…simple? I don’t know — I did end up reading most of them, but the only one I actually liked (enough to read more than once) was The First Four Years.


  3. Ack! Can’t see this episode without thinking of the Little House forum on Television Without Pity. :>) It’s on their snark list.

    Did you know that Melissa Gilbert has a new autobiography out?


  4. Going to have to check out that snark list.

    Yes, I did know about MG’s new book. I’ve got mixed feelings about tell-all books, so don’t know whether I want to read it.


  5. I skimmed through it. The odd thing is, she didn’t go into a lot of detail about the TV series.

    Warning–that TWOP forum is funny, but they get a little raunchy over there. :>)


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