it’s in the soup: debbie ohi cartoon

#9 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Just had to post this wonderful InkyGirl comic by Debbie Ridpath Ohi: 


Isn’t it perfect? Thanks to Sara Lewis Holmes for the link! Sara is now 2 for 2 in pointing me to totally faboo alphabetica (the other one was brilliant paper cutting artist, Hina Aoyama). Keep ’em coming, Sara — and if anyone else comes across any cool alphabet-related stuff, please let me know so I can add it to my collection here (this can be anything — from art, to alphabet books, to food, clothing, etc.).


Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade especially for you with love, Debbie Ohi’s genius, and Sara Lewis Holmes’ sharp eyes.

22 thoughts on “it’s in the soup: debbie ohi cartoon

  1. Re: It could be.

    Tomato and rice?! You’ve known me for almost 2 years and you’ve been eating tomato and rice?! I thought surely a “little” of my alphabet pasta influence would have affected you by now . . . 😀


  2. alphabet-influence….

    I guess I blow the theory “You are what you eat.”

    The alphabet, however, is what I doodle all the time. You’d think an artist would pictures of trees, people, cats or cows and I do, occasionally. But more times often than not, when I’m just doodling on the phone or at a meeting, I draw letters. Big, fat, illustrated Bodonis, Helveticas or Times-Roman.


  3. Re: alphabet-influence….

    Oh, that’s good to know :)! A kindred spirit to be sure. Have you thought of doing a series of illustrated alphabets — D is for Dylan, M is for McCartney, E is for Elvis . . .


  4. D is for Dylan, M is for McCartney, E is for Elvis . . .

    D, M, E?…what happened to ABC? 🙂

    I have…. but haven’t done anything but “thought” so far…. THAT’S my biggest problem: so many ideas, so little time and when I find time I seem to waste it thinking of more ideas and not starting any!

    Creative brains can be such a handicap. What if I just thought about mowing my lawn, drinking some beer and watching some sports on TV… life would be so simple and easy…..and BORING!


  5. No. Although they would be cool words to find at the bottom of a soup bowl, or bowl of Alphabits.

    In the first Harry Potter book, Dumbledore says he’d like to say a few words – and they are those.


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