friday feast: living with your x

#11 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

Writing X’s for kisses dates back to the Middle Ages, when much of the population was illiterate. A person made an “X” for his name, then kissed it, as a promise to stick to the agreement. Over time, the X came to stand for the kiss itself. (photo by Samdogs)

If X marks the spot, you’ve come to the right place!

I thought we’d give X a little love and attention today. As one of the least used letters in the alphabet (second only to Z), I imagine it must get pretty lonely at times.

A, E, I, O, U get invited to parties left and right. But X? It’s usually the first to be crossed off the A-list. This is what sometimes happens to letters with a sordid past: X-rated movies, Brand X, the symbol for “Poison.” But I’m happy to report X has redeemed itself of late.

Today, almost everybody wants an X-Box, loves the X-Files, and knows X to be a mover and shaker: XFER, XMIT, XREF, X-ing. Besides, who can resist a letter with such magnetism and mystique? The X-factor definitely makes life interesting.

Up until a few days ago, Diane Lockward was Lady X to me. I saw “My Husband Discovers Poetry” in Good Poems for Hard Times, and simply had to read more of her work. When I found “I’m Lonely as the Letter X,” I knew I had truly discovered a kindred spirit.

by Diane Lockward

photo by Pixel Packing Mama.

Poor, neglected X, only two and a half pages
in a dictionary nearly three thousand long.
My lover’s gone. I know how it feels
to receive scant attention, to have gifts
ignored. X deserves more.

X is special, a symbol, shouting, Don’t do it!
And kindly too, warning of dangerous crossings,
strange, dark roads traveled alone.
Mysterious, an unknown quantity — who really knows
what X represents? I wish I were as prolific as X,
which goes forth and multiplies: 2x, 5x, 7x.

(Rest is here.)

photo by Abdallah.

I am in the habit of crossing my legs. But I’m not mysterious, just short.

Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect is our Poetry Friday hostess today. She’ll probably give you a kiss if you ask her ☺!

BTW, have you checked out Diane’s Blogalicious yet? Fab posts about poetry writing process. A good one to bookmark!

photo by emily2012.

Have an Xtraordinary weekend!
~ jama ♥

 Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade especially for you with lots of love, hugs, and kisses!

20 thoughts on “friday feast: living with your x

  1. I don’t think X has anything to complain about after this delectable post. (I enjoyed it xtremely.)

    😉 Janet


  2. What a cute poem!

    There was a Garfield cartoon from a few years ago (on Will’s current page-a-day calendar), which shows Garfield wondering how dogs find their bones after burying them. Then he comes across Odie painting a big red X on the spot. 😀


  3. Love that poem.

    Every time I read an alphabet picture book with a particularly clever treatment of “x,” I’m happy. Must be challenging to avoid the “xylophone” trap.



  4. Tanita Says 🙂

    What a fun, twisty poem!
    Love those gorgeous thigh-highs, too. Purty!
    Sadly, I, too, am completely non-mysterious. Possibly if I had thigh-highs like that, I could maintain the appropriate aura of mystery, but I think it’s just all down to being short, too.



  5. Re: Tanita Says 🙂

    Can’t do anything about the short thing, but mysterious — that’s something we can work on! I’m feeling your aura already . . .


  6. Hmm. Where ARE my thigh-highs? I know I used to have some.

    I couldn’t get on earlier today. LJ was acting funky. Giving me the xx off. Ha!

    Anyhow, fun post, eXtra-delicious!


  7. I had some problems getting on yesterday, and a little today — I know yesterday’s was related to the DOSS attack on social networking sites, but don’t know about today. XX off! 😀 hee. You’re Xponentially brilliant!


  8. x-games

    Ooh I spent some time watching the x-games last week. Extreme sports- love ’em xxxxxxxx
    Loved that poem too. Thanks!


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