happy birthday, ogden nash!

#13 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

photo by bitterbethany.

America’s favorite humorist is 107 years old today!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed his light verse and funny sayings, but only recently stumbled upon this abecedarian poem, first published in SPORT magazine in 1949. Nash was a baseball fanatic, especially loved Baltimore sports, and once said, “I think in terms of rhyme, and have since I was six years old.”

by Ogden Nash

A is for Alex
The great Alexander;
More Goose eggs he pitched
Than a popular gander.

B is for Bresnahan
Back of the plate;
The Cubs were his love,
and McGraw his hate.

C is for Cobb,
Who grew spikes and not corn,
And made all the basemen
Wish they weren’t born.

Read the rest here.)

I love this:

A girl who is bespectacled
She may not get her nectacled
But safety pins and bassinets
Await the girl who fassinets.

And I love a man in a baseball uniform (don’t tell my in-laws, who are all Red Sox fans):

photo by Keith Allison.

 Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade just for you with love and a craving for battica in the attica.

8 thoughts on “happy birthday, ogden nash!

  1. Have you seen THE ZOO I DREW by Todd H. Doodler? New alpabet book. Made me think of you.

    What a great reminder this post is to read more Nash to my girls.



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