your favorite sandwich, please!

August is National Sandwich Month, and I’m dying to know if there is any one particular kind of sandwich writers, poets, illustrators, and/or book bloggers prefer.

Please share your faves in the comments, and I’ll post the results next week. I want a list as big as this dagwood ☺.

Thanks! ♥

27 thoughts on “your favorite sandwich, please!

  1. If I’m picking just one sandwich, it’s probably egg salad with sliced green olives in it, preferably on toast, but Pepperidge Farm white bread will do just fine either way.


  2. No way I can pick just one. No way. But if my life depended on it or something, I would say a Reuben. But it has to be a perfect Reuben, because that is one sandwich that can either be a culinary masterpiece or a disaster. Perfectly crispy bread and lean meat, super thinly sliced are my pet peeves.

    For your general interest, my other favorites:

    Cuban- this might actually be tied with the Reuben. wins.
    A good Club
    Good, white meat, Chicken Salad
    PB&J or Grilled Cheese cannot be overlooked here either.

    Oh dear, I am so hungry now.

    I keep having to edit this because I keep forgetting some! I will step away now. Drooling.


  3. For comfort food, I like grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread, served with tomato soup, of course.

    When I want a fancy deli sandwich, I spread thin layers of hummus and cream cheese, then add cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, and avocado–on ciabatta bread, please, hold the mayo.

    But truth be told, I’d much rather have a salad in summer. And since it’s warm here much of the year…well, there you go.


  4. I’m a big fan of the basics. I’ll never turn down a good grilled cheese or PB&J, and it’s even better if the PB&J is on toasted bread, or grilled. Melty PB = ♥ I’ve occasionally wanted a childhood favorite of Oscar Meyer bologna with mayo. However, I’ve enjoyed some more interesting sandwiches at various delis, bagelries, etc, like turkey with provolone and cranberry sauce.


  5. I’m guessing you know the song “Sandwiches” i.e.

    “Sandwiches are beautiful,
    Sandwiches are fine
    I like sandwiches,
    I eat them all the time.
    I’d eat them for my breakfast,
    I’d eat them for my lunch
    If I had a bunch of sandwiches
    I’d eat them all at once!”

    I would happily eat all of the sandwiches listed above. Some of my favorites:

    1. BLTA (Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado)
    2. Reuben made with red cabbage
    3. Sour cream-herring and lettuce
    4. Egg salad

    Then again, I’m happy with baba ganjouj on lavash bread.


  6. Another Reuben fan! You’re right about having to include grilled cheese and PBJ — the all time favorite comfort food sanddwiches. And I LOVE chicken salad :9!!


  7. Love your deli sandwich — people get so exotic with their specific breads and spreads :). Can’t say I’ve had hummus with cream cheese. New horizons to conquer!!


  8. Another vote for comfort food sandwiches. I’m with you on melty PB — a throwback to the The Elvis? Oh,I know what you mean about bologna with mayo as a childhood fave (has to be white bread, too).


  9. *laughs* I was raised strictly on wheat bread – the only time I ever had white is if I was at a friend’s house and that’s all that was available. I actually prefer the wheat, even for childhood sentimentality. 😀 I’m not counting sourdough or French bread which is, I suppose, technically “white”.


  10. I really like ham and cheese sandwiches. But the ham must be Chinese-style ham and the cheese must be Edam cheese. 😀

    Into the Wardrobe


  11. I’m not a big sandwich fan and am cutting back on bread in general.

    But I have fond memories of eating a kass broodje — Gouda cheese on a thick roll in the lobby of the Rotterdam Hilton. 🙂

    And hummous on pita is good.


  12. Hmmm…so hard to pick. A good ‘ol veggie sub with extra cheese. OR a tomato mozzarella sandwich. Can I vote twice? Just did, huh?



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