update on lindsay luppino

My friend and former neighbor, Lindsay Luppino, who recently starred in the 10th Anniversary National Tour of Footloose, is now performing as part of the ensemble in a summer production of "Singing in the Rain!"

For those of you in the southern Maine area, you can see Lindsay now through September 12th at John Lane’s Ogunquit Playhouse (ticket info here). My favorite rising star recently got an agent and is lovin’ her current gig, as it is her first Actors Equity theatre. Here’s a trailer for the show; look for a tall brunette with a bob in the chorus line!

We love you Lindsay!!

6 thoughts on “update on lindsay luppino

  1. Aw, she’s so lucky to have you as her fan. 🙂

    We’re expecting rain today–the first storm in months and months. Boy oh boy, I’ll be singing in the rain. I love a good (rare here) thunderstorm!


  2. Jama, thank you for the heads up. That’s my husband’s favorite musical and Oginquit only a few hours from us, and a lovelier destination could hardly be found. He’s a homebody, but maybe I can entice him…. or a friend!


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