abcs of shopping

#14 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

   8-1/2" x 11" signed and dated fine art print.

When the writing gets tough, the tough go alphabet shopping.

Actually I don’t usually wait till things get tough.

See, I was once a Brownie. And our motto, just like the boys, was "Be prepared."

Life is so unpredictable. You just never know when you might need a good alphabet hit. Keep those 26 friends close by, I always say. Why, just hearing the words, "letter," "typography," "typeset," or "lower case" sends shivers up my spine, not to mention the all-time seducer (which I hesitate to mention in mixed company) — font. Say it with me, friends: font, font, font!
*swoon* *fans self* *reaches for smelling salts*

While you’re composing yourself, check out these decidedly cool things, all available from geniune-for-real artisans at No big factories, no mass production. Whenever possible, I like to support independent artists. It’s back-to-school time. What better way to learn your ABCs?

(Just click on each picture to go straight to the seller’s page.)

Two-tone alphabet pencil case:

Letters and birds tote (100% cotton canvas, about 10" x 13"):

Alphabet tote (about 8" x 10", graphic print from Japan):

Yummy 100% cotton tea towel, hand screen-printed (16" x 30"):

Hot tea cosy (also hand screen-printed):

Lime green hulk wooden typewriter keys (set of 45):

Mint chocolate tea wallet (about 6" x 4" open):

Embroidered felt letters (100% cotton):

Monogram bottlecap zipper pull/keychain:

(this is especially for you, Mrs. Bottlecap♥)

Lowercase magnets (1" diameter):

Librarians love letters zipper pouch (8" x 8"):

Alphabet handbuilt porcelain dish (4-3/4" square):

DIY Heat fabric transfer (8" x 8", iron-on to bags, pillows, t-shirts, etc.):

And the best for last: PMC (precious metal clay/.999 silver) bracelets by Live Journal’s very own Laura Ludwig Hamor, who just opened a brand new Etsy Shop called Silver Freckles! Each piece is hand stamped, sanded, polished, and attached to a black leather cord. Wear one at all times for enhanced creativity!

In case you didn’t know, Laura is  !

Okay, that’s your alphabet fix for the week. Go forth and order something! ☺ 

More alphabetica here.

 Certified authentic alphabetica. Handmade just for you with love and faboo fonts!


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  1. Cute ABC stuff! I especially like the magnets and silver bracelet! Long ago, I tried to get ABC123 for my vanity car license plate. It was taken, I tried ABCD and other variations, but ended up with my initials! Someone beat me to the ABC idea!


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