friday feast: flirting with a fritter

by Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1896),
rosewithoutathorn84’s photostream.

Take a deep breath, my friends, for today you must be brave.

It’s confession time.

Have you ever hidden food you really love (like chocolate) so no one else would eat it?

Even worse, have you ever “cheated” on your S.O. with fine pastry?

Temptation is always there, ready to sabotage our good intentions. Perhaps it all began with Eve’s apple. Oh woman, how weak thou art in the presence of sugar! We’re all doomed, to be sure. But what a sweet way to go. (BTW, how come men never feel guilty about what they eat?)

by Diane Lockward

photo by Adam Kuban.

Sunday morning I slipped
out of bed, ran to the bakery,
and bought two apple
fritters, bulging
with fruit and slathered
with sweet white frosting —
breakfast in bed for me
and my husband.
While he slept on
in innocence, ribcage
peacefully rising
and falling, the kitchen
filled with essence
of apple. And oh!
those fritters looked
divine. I broke
off a sample — wickedly
good — then another
and another.
Of course, it was
my husband’s fritter
I sampled. I stuffed
my mouth. Globs
of tart gooey apples slid
down my throat, apple
after apple, and chunks
of dough, crusty
from the fryer.
I could feel
my cholesterol rising,
arteries hardening, and I
didn’t care. That fritter
was delicious.
As the calories
mounted, guilt entered
the kitchen. And still,
that pastry beguiled me.
“Eat of this fritter,” it called.
“Okay,” I said, “one last bite,”
but I knew I was going to fall
and fall, knew in my evil
heart I was going
to eat it all.

~ posted by permission of author, copyright © 2003 Diane Lockward (Eve’s Red Dress, Wind Publications). All rights reserved.

Being bad never felt so good.

Just in case you’d rather have a turnover (if you’re going to be bad, you may as well go all the way):

photo by Ezra Pound Cake.

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“Ever since Eve started it all by offering Adam the apple, woman’s punishment has been to supply a man with food, then suffer the consequences when it disagrees with him.” ~ Helen Rowland, English-American writer (1876-1950).

Copyright © 2009 Jama Rattigan of jama rattigan’s alphabet soup. All rights reserved.

17 thoughts on “friday feast: flirting with a fritter

  1. Ha! Here’s my confession: If I bake my favorite dish, the macaroni and cheese with GOUDA, I always put a bit more on my plate when I dish it out.



  2. Oh, it’s a Snickers bar for me . . . I eat it slowly, one bite at a time, savoring it then hiding it from those who would wag their fingers at me for indulging myself. Those kids . . . .



  3. I don’t even have a weakness for apple fritters, and this has my mouth watering for one!



  4. Dark Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

    They call to me from the checkout line at the grocery store.

    I answer their call when I’m there alone. I eat both cups on the way home in the car, lick my sticky fingers, and hide the wrapper in my purse.

    (Now that I’ve confessed my sin, may I please be excused to run to the grocery store real quick?)


  5. from Laura at Author Amok

    Have hidden chocolate to ensure I have my own personal supply. If I ever resort to the unsweetened baking chocolate, you’ll know I’m in trouble (it’s the grain alcohol of choco-holics).


  6. I’ve never had a dark chocolate Reese’s, but now that you’ve confessed your weakness for them, I’m going to have to try some. (Hiding the wrapper is a nice touch!)


  7. Re: from Laura at Author Amok

    Ah yes, the baking chocolate. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Also, eating chocolate chips out of the bag, then not having any to make cookies.


  8. Love that apple fritter poem. The husband sleeping through it is the best! LOL

    OK I will confess. Since I am the only one in the house that must be Gluten Free, I indulge myself by buying the best GF cookies and not sharing them with anyone else. It’s getting to be a bad habit. They are very expensive too so I really should cut back…


  9. They “are” expensive. I’ve tried a few of them, mostly Barbara’s brand and Newman’s. Also tried some really wonderful homemade GF baked goods at our local farmer’s market. 🙂


  10. When we were kids, my sister and I used to fight over who was the true Mashed Potato Queen–who liked them more. (I did, of course.)While I don’t eat them as often now (somewhere over the years, I discovered that other vegetables actually taste good), when I make them, I still add lots of butter, still go for a heaping helping, and still have fun making potato volcanoes on my plate 🙂


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