kristy dempsey booksigning!

Hello again!

What a fabulous booksigning Kristy had at Hooray for Books yesterday in Alexandria, Virginia!

Anne Marie, Kelly, Kristy, Kathy, me and Sara.

It was a lovely gathering of friends old and new, marked by screams of delight, lots of hugs, and homemade brownies ☺.

Besides Kristy, I got to meet Anne Marie Pace, Kathy Erskine, and the famous Kelly R. Fineman, who drove all the way down from New Jersey! Also enjoyed reconnecting with Sara Lewis Holmes and Moira Donohue.


Hooray for Books is one of the few independent children’s bookstores left in our area. The current owners, Trish Brown and Ellen Klein, were warm, welcoming, and friendly. Even though I hadn’t been in the store for years, Trish remembered me from a booksigning I did for Truman’s Aunt Farm . I love indie people!

Did I mention the brownies?

Trish, Ellen, and Maryam (hiding behind the register).

Kristy reading her book (can’t get enough of those bears).

       Chatting with Moira.

Kelly surprises Kristy (loud screams)!


Three Virginia writers in eco-friendly earth colors.

It’s so cool meeting fellow LJers!

I got Sara to sign my copies of Operation Yes!

Do you see Kate Messner’s The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z on the shelf right next to Anne Marie’s right shoulder? Prominently displayed!! 

      They sold out of Kristy’s books! Yay!

Hope you’ve had a great holiday weekend!

You can find my review of Me with You here.

17 thoughts on “kristy dempsey booksigning!

  1. Jama, great photos of what looks like a great book-selling day. Now if only you could bottle the scent of brownies and the sounds of Kelly’s and Kristy’s screams. Though I can imagine. So cool Kate could be an honorary part of the party, too!


  2. I think this was the most LJ people I’ve met at one time (since I shy away from big conferences). Gotta do it more often!

    P.S. Watched “Concert for George” last night and thought of you. 🙂 Am loving Beatles Week on Vh1.


  3. Yes, I was so happy when I saw Kate’s book there!

    There was a fair amount of screaming when I first saw Kelly too! A little surreal but fun. I mean, she’s so famous, right? 🙂


  4. When I went to ALA and met Lisa Schroder, Kate Messner, Cindy Pon and Robin Prehn (and I was with Marybeth Kelsey) – OMG! it was awesome! What a great bunch of people we associate with – right?

    I don’t watch tv – so, unfortunately I missed that! Glad you watched & loved! (and also think it’s very cool that you thought of me! :^D )


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