the obama muffin!

photo source: Obama Foodorama.

Sounds absolutely delicious to me: chock full of great Hawaiian-y ingredients like coconut, pineapple and macadamia nuts!

Wanted to point you to this great blog post about Carol McManus, owner of Espresso Love in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard. Carol’s Obama Muffin has been getting worldwide media attention ever since its debut in August, and the story of how a bankrupt single mother of five decided to open a small coffee/breakfast treats café on a strong hunch is indeed inspiring. Espresso Love is highly popular with the locals and many famous people have dropped in, like Robert DeNiro. "Are you lookin’ at me, or my muffin?" ☺

I also loved reading about how she created a Presidential Muffin to honor the Clintons, who frequently summer on the Vineyard. After working on the Obama campaign, Carol simply had to create a special muffin just for him and Michelle. (The full recipe is included in the post.)

Carol recently published a très cool cookbook, Table Talk (Vineyard Stories, 2008). The focus is on encouraging families to eat together, and engaging children in the cooking process. A former academic teacher, Carol now gives cooking lessons to local seventh and eighth graders. The book is brimming with simple recipes, gorgeous photos of island life, and of course, interesting quotes and snippets.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to bake those Obama muffins!

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12 thoughts on “the obama muffin!

  1. not so random commenter

    carol is definitely doing some good work…getting kids involved in enriching themselves in a healthy way is soo important. thanks for sharing!


  2. Mmmmm. Sounds good.

    A Canadian coffee shop chain, Second Cup, had a special blend of coffee they called the Obama blend around the time of the inauguration. It combined beans from Hawaii, Africa and Sumatra(?)(I think).


  3. Hey, you’re back!! And look at all those coffee cups. Love them. The Obama blend really sounds wonderful — love that they combined all those different coffee beans. Sounds like the perfect complement for the muffins, unless one plans to be on Martha’s Vineyard anytime soon (I wish).


  4. Tanita Says 🙂

    YUM. No macadamia on hand, but I might have to substitute cashews so I can do this IMMEDIATELY. Foodie bliss! And what a lovely tribute.


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