rude awakening: test your restaurant etiquette

Spicy shrimp ramen by aJ GAZMEN GuccibeaR.

To slurp or not to slurp?

Is it ever okay to burp?

And would you mind if I picked my teeth after finishing my lo mein?

Ah well, it all depends on where you’re eating. We all enjoy dining out, but maybe we need to check our manners. Today’s menu features four different restaurant etiquette quizzes. I got a perfect score on the Japanese restaurant quiz, but only 3 correct when it came to Chinese restaurants (jaw drops). My overall knowledge was above average, but I definitely need to brush up on other international cuisines.

Okay, here’s today’s four course meal:

Start with this general restaurant etiquette quiz. If you get a perfect score, the pizza’s yours.

photo by Scorpions and Centaurs.

Then, twirl your chopsticks with the Japanese dining quiz. For perfect scorers: a traditional Japanese breakfast.

photo by MichaelMaggs.

This rude/not rude Chinese quiz was tricky. No winter melon soup for me.

photo by Kent Wang.

Finally, do a little globe hopping with this fun quiz. If you score well, nosh on these mezes (appetizers) from Jordan.

photo by Unai Gerra.

So, how did you do? Is it safe to dine with you in public? ☺

Have fun, eat well, and always mind your manners!

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8 thoughts on “rude awakening: test your restaurant etiquette

  1. Gah. I got 50% on the general quiz, missed 1 for Japan (They didn’t cover most of those phrases in the one semester of Japanese I took), two for China, and four on the International one. So – eat with me at your own risk. 😉 It was fun, though!


  2. I missed quite a few on the China quiz, much to my dismay. To remedy this, I’m going to treat myself to some dim sum, chew with my mouth open, read a newspaper after I’m done, and then pick my teeth with a toothpick. All these things are frowned upon in Western restaurants, so I assumed they held true for Chinese restaurants. Actually, maybe the toothpick thing is just my own aversion, though, like sitting on the toilet and reading, seems to be a male thing.


  3. I got perfect scores for the general restaurant quiz and the Japanese quiz. I got six answers correct for the Chinese quiz (mwahahahaha!) and six correct for the globe quiz.

    For some Filipino etiquette: For group meals in restaurants, if you are going to pay for the bill, announce it way before the meal starts. Example: “Let’s try that fancy new French restaurant. My treat.” Otherwise, the “richest” or “most successful” person in the group automatically pays for the bill. How do we know who the “richest” or “most successful” person in the group is? Oh, we always know. :o)

    Into the Wardrobe


  4. I bow to your infinite restaurant wisdom, Tarie! Perfect scores on 2 out of 3, and you did better than me on the Chinese quiz. This must mean you spend a LOT of time eating out :D!

    Interesting tidbit on Filipino restaurants. DH has said the same thing about business lunches/dinners — person of highest title/rank/biggest paycheck usually pays the bill. I think I would like eating out in the Philippines — following the practice you mentioned, I’d get a lot of free food!


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