sunday snack

Just in case you need to nibble on a little something, here’s one of Renee Ting’s recent "Multicultural Minute" videos featuring food picture books. We were happy to see Dumpling Soup included with some of our long time faves, like The Ugly Vegetables and Dim Sum for Everyone by Grace Lin. And we reviewed Cora Cooks Pancit by Dorina K. Lazo Gilmore not too long ago. All in all, a tantalizing menu!

To see the full list of titles, and to check out all the wonderful books published by Shen’s Books, click here.

Hope you’re having a nice Sunday!

2 thoughts on “sunday snack

  1. Were the “Everybody makes…” books by the same author? It went by too fast for me to tell. If not, that’s kind of funny how so many people chose the same titular structure. 🙂 I’m curious about the “Squeamish about Sushi” one, because I admit I am squeamish; I’ve eaten the stuff (once), but it’s not something I’m keen on. So, anyway – I’d love to know what a children’s book says about it.
    I take it this person does “one minute” video blogs on a regular basis?


  2. Yes, Renee does these videos regularly. Check her blog at Shen’s Books. They just recently published a two-volume set of Chinese history stories that might interest you. (See
    The “Everybody” books are all by the same person (it’s a series) — Norah Dooley.
    I haven’t seen the squeamish book but I hope to soon! Looks intriguing.


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