don’t forget to flush

Of all the restaurants I’ve featured recently, the Merton Restaurant in Taiwan has got to be the most unusual. Chocolate sundaes will never be the same. (Sorry about the brief advert at the beginning.)

Don’t think I’ll be going there soon. ☺

12 thoughts on “don’t forget to flush

  1. I asked my friend about this restaurant but she’s not from Taipei so she hasn’t see it. I think it would be an interesting experience to eat there just once … but then again, maybe not!


  2. It would probably be interesting to go there in person and observe how all the other customers are reacting. This is a good example of how strong the “mind” is, how we are thoroughly conditioned to react a certain way. The dishes the foods are served in are clean receptacles, yet their shapes tell us we shouldn’t be eating out of them.


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