the big snow adventure, or, cornelius bear steps out

Ho ho ho! Big Snow!

You probably know we had a BIG storm over the weekend.

Cornelius and the other resident bears simply can’t stop talking about it. Where’s the sled? Is the shovel ready? Should we go cross-country skiing? What about snowboarding? 

Paddingtons engage in intense dialogue.

Some of them called friends in warmer climes to brag to tell them 300 feet 24 inches of white puffy flakes had blanketed everything in sight! 

            Aunt Lucy supervises calling queue.

Others gazed for hours at the winter wonderland, stopping every 15 minutes for refreshments not moving an inch or blinking even once they were so awestruck:

Snow in these parts, this much snow, will do that to a person.

Knock knock knock!

Who could that be?

Oh hello, Snowman! Go outside? Outside where it’s cold? Are you insane?


Brrrrr! Simply magical. Brrrrr! Do you like my hat? Brrrrr!

Hey, everybody! Look what I’m making!

Yeah, well, hurry up. We haven’t eaten in hours days! Should have worn my other coat! I’ve got something on the stove!

There, just need a few more finishing touches. Pretty handsome, if I say so myself!

Now, Snowman, let’s go inside and play. Do you like “Frosty the Snowman”?

Oh boy! Time for the best part. The cold weather makes me so hungry.
What a glorious day!

In all the world, I couldn’t have found a finer friend.

What? You know how to fly? Oooo! Show me!

Happy Christmas week, everyone!!

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15 thoughts on “the big snow adventure, or, cornelius bear steps out

    The phone booth was the first piece of furniture we purchased for the living room. Everything else was coordinated around it. 🙂 We installed a working payphone inside, which takes quarters. It’s made of teak, to the same scale as the red metal English phone booths. I figured I needed a place to change into my Superwoman costume :).


  2. This was just too, too adorable. The storm track narrowed up here; we got 4.5-5″ish, while an hour due south they got 2 feet of the stuff.
    Also: Get out! You have a British telephone booth in your home? And I love the black and white tile; is that your kitchen? My grandparents used to have that in their old kitchen (where they lived when I was young), and I still remember that house fondly.
    Mele Kalikimaka!


  3. Cornelius, Snowman, and other bear friends are happy you liked the post. We haven’t seen this much snow in years, certainly the most ever since we moved to this house (10 years). We have a very long driveway, and Len was out with the snowblower all day Saturday. He made at least five passes to keep up with the constant flakes.
    Yes, my kitchen has a black and white tile floor. I chose this based on my love for all things British, but have regretted the decision. It’s very hard to maintain (shows every scratch, scuff and tiny particle of dust). I don’t recommend black anything in a kitchen (counters, appliances).
    The phone booth is a lot of fun and is a good ice breaker for new visitors. They like to pose with it :). I’m hoping an editor will call me on the phone someday.
    Mele Kalikimaka to you, too!


  4. Tanita Says 🙂
    This is so cute. I love your sense of fun, Jama! Happy Christmas!! Can’t wait to see what the new year brings you!


  5. Re: Tanita Says 🙂
    Thanks, Tanita! Hope you’re enjoying the holidays with your family. I still don’t know how you can read so many books and review them all. Can’t wait to see the Cybils finalists!


  6. As someone speaking from colder climes, you have excellent instincts for the best ways to deal with a heavy snow. And, DUDE, you have a TELEPHONE BOOTH IN YOUR HOUSE????
    That is so cool.


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