show me your red and green!

photo by eclectica miami.

The gathering of the red and green!
They’re definitely great colors for book covers.

Would love to see what you’ve got! Post a pic or leave a comment with your red or green titles.  ☺

photo by stephen.hughes56.

Happy Reading this holiday!

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10 thoughts on “show me your red and green!

  1. Hee! I see Aunt Dimity’s Death in the green pile. 😀
    On the other hand, The Elements of Style gives me nightmares. It was ungently pounded into us in high school.
    I’m currently reading Terry Pratchett’s Men at Arms. It’s blue. 😛


  2. You are amazing, Jama. I would never have thought to separate my books into Christmas colors, and yet…what a lovely decorating idea!
    Lucky me, to have found your blog (you)! I feel as if I’m opening a beautiful package, every single day!


  3. Yay for Aunt Dimity! I thought of you when I added it to the pile :).
    That particular Elements of Style is illustrated by the incomparable Maira Kalman. Any residual feelings you may have for the original edition magically disappears when viewing her whimsical illustrations.
    Guess I’ll have to do blue books next :D.


  4. Ooh! I’m staring at loads of red right now! THE YEAR OF THE DOG, THE ROBE OF SKULLS, A TASTE OF RED and THE WILLOUGHBYS–all red! And sadly, not a green binding or book in sight.
    Have a wonderful holiday my friend. Thank you for always brightening my day with your amazing posts.


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