how to make a hot dish for valentine’s day

First, put on these oven mitts for the duration of this post (contents may be too hot to handle). 

 photo by EmiShimosato02.


You will need:

One sultry red soup pot

 photo by jbelluch.

and one set of spoons for measuring sweet nothings.

 photo by kitschmafia.

As an extra precaution, have a number of fire extinguishers on hand.
         photo by alles-schlumpf.

Also helpful is if you wear this uniform during preparation:

Okay, let’s get started.

Every good soup needs basic, made-from-scratch stock, someone who will please a wide variety of palates. Yowza!
    from idatedthedrummer’s photostream.

Now, stock left on its own can be a little bland, so I suggest adding a little dramatic tension (people will talk about your soup for ages). Huzzah!
   from I ♥ White Trash’s photostream.

If, like me, you’re impressed when a dish is characterized by a certain "je ne sais quoi," be sure to include some French spice (even better if he can dance). Très délicieuse.
    from larissaunderwood’s photostream.

Alright, since it’s winter, we need some root veggies — earthy, stalwart, and unassuming. Can’t go wrong here (with or without a kilt). *fans self*
       from greatspacecoaster15’s photostream.         

Good so far? You bet. But now we need more. What about a little luck of the Irish? Mmmmmm. He plays the cello, too.
       from stephy_lamillionaria’s photostream.

Wow, we’re pretty much cooking with gas now. What? You say your kids won’t like this soup? Toss in a fresh ingredient with piercing blue eyes!
         photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank.

Okay. Now that the kids are happy, we have to make sure this soup can always be served in polite company — we need a man of good breeding, who looks smashing in a wet shirt waistcoat, who most definitely has a flawless British accent. Butter my scones, Mr. Darcy!
       from lady_paje’s photostream.

Always remember. You can’t go wrong with a dash or two of debonair (humanitarian overtones add even more depth).

 from virtual_chuck’s photostream.

Ouch! Singed myself on that one.

Almost done. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s add a secret ingredient! Another layer — a few notes of mystery and seductive charm, with a touch of the piquant! Music to my ears!
     from skittleydoo04’s photostream.

Now, let all the ingredients simmer, long and slow. To bring out optimum flavor, serenade the pot with this song. All together now, with feeling.

So, was that good for you? 

 from Heather Shade’s photostream.

I thought so. Looks like you might need to cool down a little. I sure do. Join me for some sangria.

 photo by mama kim.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, and remember the old Jewish proverb: "Worries go down better with soup than without!"

YOUR TURN: Who’s your favorite hot dish? Let’s add him to the pot!

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*Hot dishes in order of appearance: Brad Pitt, Joe Fiennes, Gilles Marini, Gerard Butler, Zac Efron, Colin Firth, Dermot Mulroney, George Clooney, Johnny Depp.

**Flame retardant Seuss PJs available here. (I have such a thing for Thing One and Thing Two!)

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