we have three winners!

Yes, yes, I know we were supposed to be giving away only two copies.

But then it started raining again, and another copy magically appeared!

Everybear was excited to participate in the drawing. Is there a hat in the house?

Why yes, the perfect hat, just like one Isabel’s Grandma might wear:

Cornelius gathered a pile of cupcake wrappers,

then diligently wrote everybody’s name on them in his neatest handwriting (not easy when you have paws):

Then we tossed all the names into the hat.

Now, who would draw the names? (There is always fighting about this.)

Cornelius came up with the perfect solution. Only bears wearing hats could pick a name.

So Betty Sue came from the den,

and Eloise from the foyer,

and finally, Isabelle graced us with her presence, traveling all the way from the Great Room:

Please applaud if you like their hats!

And the winners are:

Drum roll please!

Jeannine Atkins, Julia Karr, and Joan (AuthorWithin)!!

Congratulations!! WOOHOO!!

Please email your snail mail addresses to: readermail (at) jamakimrattigan (dot) com.

Thanks, everyone, for entering the giveaway. Please help yourself to a cupcake before you go:

photo by Bento Business.

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