loving me some bakery-inspired art

    Original, handmade 12" x 12" collage on canvas available here.

Why, hello! How is your weekend going?

Today I’m serving up some delectable bakery art. Mostly everything on the dessert trolley is for sale and all pieces are very kind to your waistline, so indulge to your heart’s content!

First, some beautifully sweet creations by Hulet Glass. These cupcakes and petit fours never go stale:

All photos from Hulet Glass flickr photostream.

I’ve always loved felt sculptures:

"My Little Candy Shop" by Silvia Leite (Etsy shop here).

Felt chocolate cupcake by lisajhoney (Etsy shop here).

Cupcake Pin Cushions by PatchworkPottery.

and cute little gift cards:

Gift tags by Paper Girl.

I think I need to hang this in my kitchen:

8" x 10" Limited Edition print available here.

or maybe one of these:

"Persimmon Bundt Cake" 8.5" x 11" giclee print available here.

8" x 10" Vintage Bakery Board print available here.

8" x 10" Limited Edition giclee print available here.

Ghostess Trolley 6" x 8" hand glittered print available here.

"Little Mouse Tea Party" 8" x 10" print available here.

Wasn’t that delicious?

Oops, you got a little chocolate on your chin.

Thanks for stopping in today ☺!

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