a little wine, a little cheese, a little jobim

               photo by jessedharris.

The previously announced string quartet polished off all of Pat’s buns, Sara’s biscuits, Jeannine’s Hermit Cookies, and Elaine’s Almond Gateau. They also inhaled five of Julie’s tortas and a raft of Susan’s Chanterelle and Goat Cheese puffs. Is it any wonder they’re now horizontal and in no condition to perform for you?

Luckily, the jazz musicians are here! Not just any jazzies, mind you, but my all-time favorite Brazilian composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim (a.k.a. Tom Jobim). I never tire of listening to "Wave." This video was taken at the 1986 Montreal Jazz Festival. Sip a little wine, have some cheese, relax and enjoy!