friday feast: the vegans are coming! the vegans are coming!

 “For Thee Viking” by thegrocer*.

This week, I’ve been channeling my inner vegan, because in a few days we’re having houseguests from across the pond!

They’re coming to D.C. to attend the ALA Convention this weekend. Though we’ve chatted online many times, this will be our first face-to-face meeting.

What will they be like?

Culinary art cabbage by Shane’s Flying Disc Show.

I do know that one of them, a brilliant author, will be accepting a Coretta Scott King Honor Award on Tuesday. She’ll be giving a short speech at a special breakfast commencing at 7 a.m. (a.k.a. middle of the night):

photo: Shane’s Flying Disc Show.

Her husband, the world’s best baker, loves to take photographs, and has been coerced invited to bake his famous lemon cake while he’s here. *Squee!* From all accounts, he’s equally as brilliant, fair of face and tall:

         source: amato.

Oh, and the honoree’s mother will also be visiting from California. The bears are hoping she’s an expert hugger (don’t you love her hat?):

        photo: reggaedori.

Hmmmmm. You know what they say about vegans and/or vegetarians. They’re always smiling. Is it true they’re more laid back than carnivores?

photo: reggaedori.

Does a steady diet of greens and beans, tofu and tempeh, promote passivity pacifism? And do they take the term “veg out” personally?

I can’t wait to find out, to crush those stereotypes. All I know is, whatever they’re eating, it’s really working for them. These two have already accomplished amazing things. Meanwhile, everywhere I turn I’m seeing veggies.

 Fruit and veg faces by Leicesteographer.

I wonder if I’m cut out for the veggie life. I wouldn’t mind cultivating the fine art of napping . . . ☺

 “Soup fixins” by thegrocer*.


by Michael Steffen

Cabbages, beans and bell peppers vie
for the glossy centerfold of Nature’s Hand

where this month the vulgar Hubbard squash
reclines with succotash of questionable origin.

I’ve grown to prize passivity; I’ve learned the word
“vegetable” comes from Medieval Latin —

vegetabilis, and vegetare which means “to animate, to grow,”
though I can think of half a dozen ways to squander

an afternoon as Destry Rides Again, Dietrich and Stewart . .
and my doctor friend Lenny who calls to tell me

that broccoli has a nervous system, that it suffers
when you pick it.

(Rest is here.)

Those of you attending ALA, have fun and stay cool! Chill out with some mango sorbet:

photo: jessicafm.

Today’s Poetry Friday Roundup is at the art of irreverence. Thanks for hosting today, Amy!

Mantra (chant with me):

Broccoli, celery, lettuce.
Onions, turnips, potatoes.
Cherries, blueberries, pears.
Lemons, lemons, lemons.

photo: Shane’s Flying Disc Show.

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