stéphanie kilgast: small plate, huge talent!

"Lavendar Birthday Tray" for sale at PetitPlat Etsy Shop.


I’m kissing my fingertips again — happens every time I see something just too beautiful to eat.

Just as well, because Stéphanie Kilgast’s miniature sculptures are made from polymer clay. How small are they? Check it:

Let us feast with our eyes! Mmmmmmmm (don’t you love those tiny macarons?).

"Tropical Feast" dangle earrings.

Stéphanie in her atelier.

Stéphanie, who currently lives in France, has a masters degree in architecture. After discovering her passion for miniatures back in 2007, she decided to pursue sculpting food pieces full-time. Her business, PetitPlat Food Art, caters to dollhouse miniature collectors and jewelry lovers with discerning palates. All pieces in this post are entirely handmade by Stéphanie and most are available for purchase at her Etsy Shop.

Saw this Red Dot Cake and thought of Grace Lin’s Ling & Ting:

"Raspberry Cakes."

I just ordered these earrings. Love the attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship:

"Oreo Goodness" earrings.

"Get Food Get Sandwiches" earrings.

She has a lot of cupcake earrings for sale, but somehow I was smitten with the sub sandwich and Oreos. I know, right?

"Vanilla and Chocolate" cupcake earrings.

This Brownie Preparation Board is wonderful! Know anyone with a dollhouse who might like it? Stéphanie does 1:12 scale for dollhouses, and 1:6 playscale for fashion dolls like Barbie. 

"Brownie Preparation Board."

As much as I love her sweets, I must say this loaf of bread blew me away. Look at the crumb texture! She also made the knife!

photo source: PetitPlat by sk_.

Do take a few minutes to browse her shop and flickr photostream — an amazing combination of fun, food, and fancy. When it comes to food miniatures, her work is among the best I’ve ever seen. Since she does custom orders, you might want to email her if you see anything you like that’s not currently for sale at Etsy. Bon Appétit!

source: PetitPlat by sk_’s photostream (click to enlarge).

Wish I could make myself small enough to live in a dollhouse!

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