still swooning

So, did you watch Sir Paul receive the Gershwin Prize on PBS last night?

Len and I liked the program so much, we watched it twice in a row. When Paul was first introduced, I thought to myself that if I had been in the room, that close to him, I would have died, simply died right there on the spot.

It was great hearing other artists’ interpretations of McCartney’s songs. Though I enjoyed Emmylou Harris’s version of “For No One,” was transported to a place of peace and calm with Lang Lang’s “Celebration” on the piano, and am now crushing bigtime on Dave Grohl, it was Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Blackbird” that totally blew me away. OMG. Knowing the history behind the song, it being sung by an African American woman in President Obama’s White House — just wow. So pure, poignant, laden with decades of hurt and struggle. And Elvis Costello did a great job with “Penny Lane.” Loved it.

In case you missed the broadcast, you will soon be able to view it in its entirety at the PBS website. Meanwhile, here’s a fabulous interview with McCartney; it’s about 30 minutes long, but well worth your time — includes behind the scenes footage of him at the Library of Congress, and lots of discussion about his musical influences and creative process. ☺