this is just too cool . . . Dalton Ghetti alphabet carvings

#25 in an ongoing series of posts celebrating the alphabet.

source: inhabitat

the alphabet carved from pencil leads!

This just might be the most amazing alphabet set I’ve ever seen! I have to thank Tanita Davis for the heads up on Dalton Ghetti, a 49-year-old carpenter from Bridgeport, Connecticut, who obviously has the patience and acute artistic acumen of a saint.

Apparently he does these amazing carvings as a hobby; sets like the one above can take him years to complete, and the only tools he uses are a sewing needle, sculpting knife and razor blade. No magnifying glass!

source: inhabitat

Currently he is working on a project related to the September 11 attacks. Ever since 2002, he’s been carving a teardrop every day, and plans to do 3,000 of them, in honor of every person who died. Ultimately, they will collectively form one large teardrop. He estimates it will take him 10 years to complete.

To see and learn more about his incredible work, click here and here.


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