the cats are coming! the cats are coming!

             Crazy Bliss/flickr

Holy Catnip!

The alphabet soup kitchen is crawling with tail swishing, paw swatting, head rubbing cats! And I’m running out of milk. Yeow, mew mew, miaow, scritch scratch all day long.

Yes, your Majesty. No, your Highness. Another serving of tuna, your Excellency?

Gulp. I feel so . . . inferior.

If you’d like to meet some crazy cool superior beings, join us this Friday, October 29th, when we celebrate National Cat Day! I’ve rounded up some crazy cat people from the kidlitosphere. Some are absolutely crazy about their cats. Others are crazy because of their cats. The rest are just crazy, period. (I cannot claim any responsibility for their catastrophic behavior.)

Stay tuned for fun, folly, felines, and mega-fur. Why not post a picture of your cat on your blog or Facebook profile on Friday?

Meanwhile, help yourself:

A Mouse Race (like a Rat Race, only tastier).

So, what are you looking at?!

*Winchester, pictured above, lives with author Candice Ransom.

*Mouse Race by two moon sky/flickr.

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