trick or treat!


Happy Halloween!

Hope you’re having a nice Sunday. I can’t believe it’s already the end of October!

Are you all set for tonight? What’s nice about living here is that all the kids in the neighborhood trick or treat together (I don’t think there’s more than a dozen or so kids in all) — which means our doorbell rings only once, we pass out candy, and then can relax the rest of the evening.

Since the houses are spread far apart, it’s quite a bit of walking for some of the littlest munchkins, especially to reach our house (at the end of a long, dark driveway). But they’ve come up with the perfect solution. One of the neighbors hitches a trailer full of hay bales to his tractor — a trick-or-treating hayride! The kids love it, and some of the older ones take turns driving the tractor. The parents walk alongside and make a progressive party out of it, stopping at each house to chat awhile.


Had a lot of fun celebrating National Cat Day on Friday. Thanks again to all who came by, and to those who contributed photos and stories. Here’s a bonus photo of Julia Denos and Seri — isn’t it quintessential Halloween? Gorgeous!


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*If you know of any others, please point me to them!

Help yourself to a kitty cupcake and some candy! And have a Spooktacular night!!

BTW, what’s your favorite Halloween candy? Cornelius is passing out mine ☺!

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